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Roundtable Consultations

Below is a listing of Industrie 2030 roundtable consultations held to date. Click on a link below to read a summary of the key issues discussed.

If you are unable to find a particular roundtable or have any questions about upcoming consultations email

Barrie - June 23rd
Belleville - June 28th
Fredericton - June 2nd
Hamilton - May 25th
Kitchener-Waterloo - June 14th
Kitchener-Waterloo - June 22nd
Kingston - June 29th
Midland - May 4th
North Bay - June 9th

Oshawa - June 21st
Sarnia - June 15th
Sault Ste. Marie - May 18th
St. John's - May 10th
Windsor - April 27th
Winnipeg - April 27th
Midland - June 16th
Winnipeg - June 17th
Winkler - June 21st