Roundtable Midland

MIDLAND (May 4, 2016) - Today Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) hosted an Industrie 2030 roundtable at Weber Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. with Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe (EDCNS) and industry leaders on innovation, investment, skills, global business, and the future of manufacturing in Canada.

Industrie 2030 roundtables are being held across the country to listen to Canadian manufacturers; input received from the roundtables will provide the foundation for a national strategy to double manufacturing and value added exports.

Today we heard many great examples and suggestions on how to accomplish these objectives, including:

  • Governments need to be more business-investment ready at all levels, including being more proactive in supporting business investment and streamlining processes;
  • Government support programs need to ‎better align to modern manufacturing and business realities, including modernizing the SR&ED program, which is currently ‎based on outdated business realities;
  • Industry and governments need to work more closely with elementary and secondary schools to proactively attract youth into careers in manufacturing; and,
  • Governments and industry need to partner on the promotion of manufacturing and goods that are made locally.

CME and its partners will continue to hold Industrie 2030 consultations on ‎the future of manufacturing in Canada until September 2016; the action report will be released at the first Manufacturing Summit on October 18-19, 2016 in Ottawa.

For more information about Industrie 2030 contact: Marie Morden at