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Industrie 2030 is an initiative of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) with the objective to create a roadmap to double value-added manufacturing, processing, technology and services in Canada by 2030.

While governments are instrumental in creating and supporting national strategies, we believe this strategy must be created and driven by Canadian manufacturers and exporters themselves. The reason is simple: governments help create the conditions in which business operate, but businesses are responsible for developing the strategies that create the products, service the customers and grow their operations.

In order to achieve our strategic objective to double value-added manufacturing and exporting activities, we must first identify the business outcomes needed to reach those targets. Manufacturers cannot simply just double production. Rather, they must invest in their facilities, processes and products and they must find new customers in Canada and around the world. These are necessary conditions for Industrie 2030’s growth targets to be met. The required business outcomes for Canadian manufacturers include:

  • Retaining and attracting investment to expand manufacturing capacity;
  • Manufacturing more products and technologies in Canada;
  • Accelerating adoption of new technologies and processes; and,
  • Selling more to customers in Canada and around the world.

Industrie 2030 started with the public launch of the initiative with the Minister of Industry, Science and Economic Development in February 2016. National consultations to seek input, direction and recommendations from Canada’s manufacturing and exporting community and key support organizations began in April 2016 and will continue until September 2016. The first phase of Industrie 2030 will conclude with a National Manufacturing Summit in Ottawa, October 18th-19th with the release of the results of the consultation and the creation of the detailed implementation agenda.

Ensuring success in the process towards our ultimate objectives will be based on the direct input and support of Canadian industry and the large support network that helps sustain and grow this most important business sector. CME and our partner organizations look forward to working throughout this process and beyond with Canadian manufacturers and exporters to establish a clear vision and concrete roadmap for success.

Together, we can manufacture change.